B&B: How is Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer)?

I read that she was injured in an automobile accident on February 2, 2015 after being struck by a moving car while walking on the sidewalk in Los Angeles.

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    Posted February 2, 2015

    Godfrey was initially reported to have suffered two broken legs. The extent of her injuries has not been confirmed, but subsequent reports state that the actresses' ankles were the area of concern.

    From Celeb Dirty Laundry

    Of course, Linsey Godfrey’s health is the most important issue here. B&B fans all wish her a speedy recovery. However, recent “The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers indicated that she would be a major player upcoming episodes. With the fast-paced taping schedule of the popular soap, this could leave “The Bold and the Beautiful” writers in a bit of a predicament. Linsey Godfrey and Caroline will obviously be out of commission for a while as she takes time to heal. As she recovers, the writers will likely choose to write her off much like they did for the actor that plays Wyatt (Darin Brooks). Darin recently returned after he took a short leave of absence to film a movie and is set to return on screen soon. His time off was explained in the story by claiming he followed his wife to Europe.

    Update: Highlight Hollywood has the story right – Linsey doesn’t have two broken legs, the injuries were to her ankles, and her manager say doctors expect the star to make a full recovery. Her manager added:

    Whether she broke her ankles or legs as the articles report .... she is lucky to be alive.

    Godfrey and fiancé Robert Adamson (Noah Newman, The Young and the Restless) welcomed their first child, a daughter, in June 2014.

    UPDATE: Adamson offered an update, indicating that Godfrey is already on the road to recovery.

    "She is going to be ok. Thank you. Already charming her Dr's and Nurses. She's been through worse than this and she'll be back on her feet before we all know it. She's the best girl and the best momma, and soon this will all be a distant memory," he wrote on Twitter.

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      Thanks Sandra for B/A!

  • That was terrible, she has 2 broken legs and is fully recovering. I am so glad she is okay and that she didn't have her daughter with her!

    Sounds like she will be either in a wheel chair or crutches for awhile.

    Here's a link about her.


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      Thank you for news link. That is terrible, wow, I felt really sad when I heard about it. I'm glad she didn't have her daughter as well. I'm glad she'll be OK, what relief. I'm wondering if she'll be on B&B during her recovery, maybe they'll fit her injury into her storyline. Thx again..!

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    I wish good health fly on the way to Lindsey Godfrey.

    As far as the B&B is concerned, I bet this means a longer stay for Steffy, which I am not looking forward to. Maybe Wyatt will be given a bigger part in the s/l.....Oh heavens!...Here comes Brooke again with her hooks out for Ridge! I can see it all coming now. Pleeaassee NO!

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