Concern about a teachers behavior?

Hello so expect this to be long I don't know where to start but I'm to start with this so our gym teacher is a very bad teacher she refuses to let child use there inhaler. She's also thrown clipboards and even sworn at kids now remember this is a middle school not a highschool or anything she also refused to let the kids use the bathroom witch lead kids peeing there pants and she also supervises during lunch hours and won't let kids use the bathroom during lunch ... Would u rather have them use the bathroom during learning hours ?? How do I get this teacher fired ?

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    one student or parent complaining about the teacher probably wouldn't be enough so what you likely need to do is get a group of kids with their parents who have been affected by this teacher and approach the principal or superintendent. not letting a kid use an inhaler is a medical/health issue, so that's a serious concern. as far as screaming and throwing things, that may be tough to argue unless she has actually hit a kid with what she threw, and as far as not letting kids use the bathroom, i don't understand why she refuses during lunch. if several kids have peed their pants because of her, that's a concern. how many kids have peed their pants? maybe they would join a group to go to the principal?

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