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I can't find motivation anymore and im scared?

Im 15 and a freshman in highschool, in the beginning I loved it and went to all the games and actually loved going to school. I never missed a day and I had motivation to keep trying. Late November I had the flu, then I got surgery in December and not shortly after that I had a sinus infection. After going back to school in January I found myself scared I wouldn't feel good in school so I skipped as much as I could. I kindve got over that irrational fear but recently I feel trapped. I don't enjoy going to school anymore, I hate it. In the morning I feel sick and force myself to eat just so I have enough energy for the day. When im there I feel confined and sad and just so lost. I go home and barely get all my work done. I stay home entirely too much but I can't help it I hate going. I have 21 abcenses, I stayed home today making it 21. I want to kill myself at this point I hate my life and I know it'll get better and I won't be a 15 year old freshman forever but at this point in my life it's so hard to deal. how do I get my motivation back? and want to go

to school? im probably going to lose credit soon and then I'll kill myself for sure. why don't I like going to school I get decent grades I just don't get it I wish I could go back to the beginning of the year when I never missed a day

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    Oh, hon. You're clearly suffering from clinical depression. Whenever our health is compromised it can set that off easily. Sinus infections can take months to resolve - so you may still be ill from that. Please get yourself to a local hospital ER and tell them that you are having suicidal thoughts and desperately need help. Don't leave until someone helps you either. You need a complete physical to resolve your sinus infection (you might have a thyroid problem, apnea, low iron, etc.) and you need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Don't let that panic you - there are so many tools that can help you get through this. It's hard to think logically when you're depressed, but you sound like an intelligent, compassionate, kind teenager. We need people like you in this world!! I hated high school and I look back and think 15 was one of my toughest years (17 wasn't that great either!). You just need some help getting through this time in your life. It can be done and you're smart enough and worthy enough to fight through this. Your teachers are there to forgive and forget. Your high school buddies are really focused on their own issues, so they'll forget as well. All that matters right now is YOU! Please get to the ER, or make sure your parent makes you an immediate appointment to see your doctor. Fight for your right to feel ok again. I know you're exhausted, but you CAN do this and you WILL feel ok again. Also, I keep harping on this to people suffering from depression because research has proven these steps, if done consistently, help: 1) Eat healthy (NO caffeine, no sugar!), 2) Exercise (15 minute daily walk, OUTSIDE), 3) Take a daily Vitamin D supplement (helps with depression), 4) Quality Sleep (regular bedtime routine), 5) Meditation (become a pro!). I'm sending you my best thoughts and wishes.

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    Things will get better, just take it one day at a time. Your smart, talented, and will soon be popular probably. Just be yourself! You got this!

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    ?? Hows life so hard for you.. your getting feed, cloths, a roof over your head, and no bills to pay.. you dont work because you cant.. so what you missed so much of school get over it aint like you missed work.. you no you have 3 years more so the attends starts all over again each year right?.. so get over it and stop caring so much and just make it up.. just be glad your in school and not work yet..

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