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How to induce labour at home?

Hi I'm 40 weeks pregnant and my doctor wants to induce me this weekend.

I had really hoped to go into labour naturally.

Baby is engaged and I'm 1cm dilated.

I have been walking a lot and bouncing on my yoga ball.

I also ate a whole pineapple, but nothing happened. Nipple stimulation hasn't worked either.

What has worked for you? Any one try castor oil?

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  • 5 years ago
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    I heard relaxing warm/hot (not streaming hot obv) lol and that when you are relaxed in water it helps the muscles loosin up and relax, I'm telling you this bc I read an article on how you shouldn't take relaxing baths when you are 7months bc it might bring early labor, though in your stage you might want this to happen haha, I heard weird stuff like nipple stimulation, and walking... Lots and lots of walking! Possibly even sex to be honest, that might speed it up a bit and also not to be vulgar but (help you stretch a little down there) they say sex is really good and healthy while pregnant!

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