I regret sleeping with this guy?

Please don't judge me...

I'm 15 and I've slept with two guys. The last one I regret, we had sex before we even dated and on my second day of meeting him. He begged me and talked me into it, saying how he thought it was love at first sight, and I gave in. We slept together a total of 5 times (we dated a month) I don't hate him - I still love him, the thing is, I know what I did was wrong and I feel like it was a big mistake. Literally, my stomach aches at the thought that I know I did that, especially since I found some things out about him...

How can I get over this?

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    6 years ago

    We all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them, move on and really try not to do it again.

    So take this as a lesson learned and realize that guys will say anything to make girls give in. Up to you to have standards and requirements.

  • 6 years ago

    Go to the doctor. Get tested for pregnancy and STD's. If everything is negative, get on with life and try to use a little better judgment.

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