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Is it weird that I have my own language?

Hi. I'm a 16 year old boy and I've created my own fully functional language. It's not just written I speak it fluently without thinking about it. I Created it a few years ago and it's grown to the point where there's no words that I haven't made. One friend of mine speaks it fluently also. We never talk to each other in English except when in public, of course haha. It actually sounds like Swedish or some other scandanavian language so people have thought I'm speaking swedish before. Is this weird? We even text each other in my language and talk on the phone. Also are there any ways I could spread this language? Thanks for all answers and have a good day. Or in my language: Taska foose allt av zes respomdinas aunt hela unt grassa dach.

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    No, I do too, but it's still being developed and I don't speak it much, or in my language: Njè', jò álcw, máz ò è bjmwny cílj dvélpwny j jò ne-áblw ò vjqj.

    Also, Obrjgáts j tếy wnj djò bốj de twò alcw. (Thank you and have a good day also)

    Source(s): When I wrote that, I had to make a few more words and I also made a big change to mine, nasalized vowels, shown by ^
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      It's now a ~ and not ^ due to the limited typing on my keyboard

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    Taska foose allt av zes respomdinas aunt hela unt grassa dach.

    Thanks for all of the responses and have a great day?

    That's not a different language, that's English with some easily guessable sound changes and identical grammar. It's basically speaking English in code.

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      Well that just happened to be easier. Try this: hena im shlofas alltvaganas, eviqdanz aunt weit nofftonda stoppa im, im teggas mera hogt aunt mera hogt. Clada toosk ebfoose yon sen tondas tahben petta.

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