Question for my Russian friends?

Seems like whenever a website (e.g. Yahoo, Amazon) contains discussion about Russians, a small group of Russians will eventually appear and create "Russian internet base".

I understand these websites are not big secrets, but how do you guys find these places? Do you accidentally stumble upon them? Were you just curious of American's perspective of your country and decided to do a web search for it?

Just curious. Thank you for your time.

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  • Oirdne
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    6 years ago
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    1. there are many sites in Russian language, where they translate foreign press, mentioning Russia.

    For example,,, etc...

    2. there is great google thing. Type "Russia", go to "news" folder, arrange news by time and enjoy.

    Articles with comments are the most mind-blowing.

    3. Russian news agencies like to publish articles in style "Site X listed 100 reasons, why one need to be scared of Russians"

    4. Migrants from Russia, living around the world, write thousands of blogs about their foreign life. Some of them are very popular in Russia. Those people give links to such sources too.

    5. Also when modern Russian people travel abroad, they face crazy stereotypes about Russia. It encourages people to learn more on this subject.

    In general, it goes from USSR times, when information about outside world was limited and government was trying to prevent access to it. People are hungry about that kind of news. Also after USSR disintegration people got big information shock, anyone with at least little brain never trusts TV and will never trust it in any conditions ever, and always looks for arguments from another side. All those "Russian trolls, paid by Russian government to promote Russian propaganda", are real people.

    Source(s): Russian.
  • 6 years ago

    I don't how other find these place, but i read one news article, where says about much-much-nuch ROFL in Yahoo Answers and... I'm here! ahahaha I'm here to make my life some longer with laugh at Americans, at their meager education, fears, political correctness, etc.

    Make more fun! Ahahaha!

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