Need some advice on purchasing a laptop?

Currently using a slow *** 2010 white macbook

I'm willing to spend up to 1,500

I'd be using it daily

Typical use would be spotify, illustrator, photoshop, web browsing, and schoolwork all at once. Would be nice to be able to do all that without a problem.

I also do a little gaming. Maybe a couple times a week for 2 hours.

I'd prefer a mac, just because its what I'm used to and like but I'm always open to others if its a good fit.

When it comes to the macs, I'm lost when it comes to which one will work for me or which add ons I should purchase.


1 Answer

  • Unless you are bent on purchasing a new laptop their is plenty of life left in your macbook. If you go to Finder type in Utilities then click on disk repair, afterwards verify disk permissions. See if your computer works faster. It too is possible to upgrade the memory, check out Crucial. I am certain it will be like new.

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