Opinions on the 2015 Formula One cars?

The 2015 F1 season is getting closer and closer with the teams revealing their cars and such. We've seen most of the F1 contender's cars with the exception of Marussia and Caterham (Financial issues). The most surprising cars to me for 2015 has to be the true-blue Sauber based on a car from GP2 and the new Force-India car. I've expected more from McLaren and Mercedes-Petronas since they're still using the dull grey cars. Cars like Ferrari and Williams still look the same, but with new noses to fit in regulations.

What are your thoughts on the pre-season cars? Are you interested in the new noses and a few new liveries?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Yeah I like them so far, I read the sauber car is in the banco do Brazil colours , the mclaren looks nice and will be in black .

    the Ferrari also looks nice from what ive saw

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