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Should I take breaks in between workout days?

My cousin, who weight trains, tells me that you're supposed to only work out every other day, taking a day for your muscles to rest and recover. I've suddenly decided to start working out/exercising now, and for the last two days have done 50 sit-ups and 25 push-ups (today I've even lifted 15 lb. dumbbells). I plan to start using an exercise bike soon too.

Is it true what he says? Should I rest every other day, or can I do these workouts every day?

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    For what your doing no. You said your cousin weight trains and for that rest days are required. Weight training is for gaining muscle by using heavy weights to create micro tears in muscle fibers which take time to heal and become bigger when healed,thus bigger muscles. Push ups ,sit ups and light dumbbells will not cause much tears in muscles if any at all. And if there is any tears they heal in 1 day or less. Won't add any more than ounces to your muscles thought if done for a long time. You can however get decent strength from this

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