Why don't bands like deep purple, motorhead, status quo, etc. have thier fanbase in the United States?

Deep purple always scores well in UK, Poland, Australia, Germany, etc. but their albums never chart well in the united states.

Motorhead's albums only chart well in the Uk

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    6 years ago
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    Because the UK is far smaller & much more homogenous than the US. The population of the entire UK is only about 64 million. The population of the US, by comparison, is 320 million. And, there are tens, if not hundreds of millions of people living in the US from all over the world, with different cultures. For example, there are roughly 35 million Mexicans in the US, and around 40 million African-Americans. Those two groups alone outnumber the entire population of the UK. Yet, a good number of them don't listen to bands like Deep Purple & Motorhead. They listen to their own traditional & cultural music, like hip-hop & mariachi music (no joke. In LA, for example, there are more mariachi stations on the radio than rock stations).

    I can guarantee you though, there are more metalheads in the US than in the UK. A lot more. But, in order to chart high in the States, a band has to sell a lot more records, & have mainstream appeal. Which is much easier said than done in a country as diverse as America. What appeals to one culture may not appeal to another.

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    cuz they think led zepplin are the only band, ugh so overrated!

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