Viewing images via Google Drive on an ipad (mini) - blurry zooms?

I was using an ipad that was not my own & because I knew before hand the opportunity might come up, I uploaded some of my digital comics (in jpg form) to my google-drive, to remotely read them on the ipad,

The standard vertical pages looked gorgeous & required no zooming. However, there are also horizontal pages (2 normal pages combined into 1 image) & even when turning the ipad on it's side, the aspect-ratio differences require you do some zooming. When I tried (finger-touch) zooming, I found that the the image didn't take much zooming before becoming blurry - especially the text. The dimensions of the images are over 3000x3000 (9 mega pixels), so it's not a case of stretching the image larger than the original size.

I thought this was a case of Drive not allowing viewing of the full-size (as I know other image-hosts do this. You can't see the whole size unless you download it. Viewers see a compressed version), but when I was able to get back to my own computer (laptop), I tested zooming on the same panels I had trouble with earlier and found when zooming, it was fine. The image was "re-sampled" & the text was very clear.

Does anyone know the source of this little problem I ran into? Would there be away to "correct" it?


@Duncan - AFAIK. It's the newest model. But like I said, the image's resolution is high enough, and it's fine on my laptop (which is of a lower pixel density than the ipad)

As I typed this I decided to test it on my android phone (a droid razr - smaller & lower-quality display than the ipad), perhaps to see if it was a desktop-vs-mobile aspect of drive (since you're just using a website, on the laptop), and it was just fine. I could zoom very close & it was still clear.

Update 2:

edit: Okay, I see now. If the PPI is different enough, a larger PPI device will make a lower PPI image actually look bad (even if it's an incredibly large image already). (I plan to change the PPI in photoshop & test it out).

What confuses me then, is the fact that the vertical pages were PERFECT (super crisp, more so than my lower PPI laptop or phone) w/o zooming, but the horizontal images got blurry after just a TINY zoom -- even though they had identical PPI (72)

Update 3:

Okay, so I tested somethings:

I used photoshop to alter the PPI (& shrink the size in inches) of a pannel (one of the same PPI as the ipad, another at half that (still well above it's original 72). I uploaded those to Drive & they were STILL blurry when zoomed. I download any of the versions (directly to the ipad, to be viewed in a photo-viewer) & it was perfect. Is the problem Drive, or any image online?

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