Sof asked in PetsDogs · 6 years ago

Advantage spread through coat while applying?

It is my first time applying Advantage to my dog and it spread kinda bit through his hair. I'm so nervous because I read online that it can kill dogs.

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    6 years ago
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    Your dog will be fine. Of course, it is supposed to go onto the skin so it can spread and protect your dog. Look into Nexgard for the future. It is a chewable treat tablet that kills fleas and ticks. You wouldn't have to worry anymore about application.

    If ticks are not an issue, then look at Trifexis, which is for heartworms, fleas, and intestinal parasites. It does nothing for ticks, though.

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  • CDog
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    6 years ago

    It will spread through the coat some. As long as your dog isn't allergic to it (has a reaction) your dog should be fine.

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