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What should I do about a limping kitten?

A short while ago today I hurt my kitten's leg; she was laying under my legs (I didn't realize this until afterward) and I when I was getting up, I must've put pressure on her leg, because when I realized what I'd done I put her on the floor and she was limping with the back right leg.

She didn't make any noises when I crushed her leg, but is limping anyway. She seems more irritable when I pick her up, even when I don't press on her leg. And when I do, she reacts sharply and with a little yelp when I press the lower part of the leg, just above the paw. Other than that, she seems pretty normal.

She's about nine weeks old, if that matters.

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    Keep an eye on your kitten for a day or two. Most likely the problem is a minor sprain, strain, or bruise. If she is still limping after a day or two, or if the limping gets worse, then take her to the vet.

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    I would take the cat to the vet maybe, it is probably not to serious. If you do not wish to take it to the vet, get a kitty bed (or make one) and put it's food and water next to it, that way it can recover without having to use it's legs. Also have the litterbox nearby.

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    I bottlefeed and foster kittens often. They will usually limp for around 2 days, just keep an eye on her for the next couple of days, and if it still seems to be bothering her, take her to the vet

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