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Tetanus in dogs?


I'm studying to become a vet tech myself, but today I encountered something I don't really understand.

Tetanus is a rare condition in dogs because most of them are resistant against the C. tatani bacteria. But one of the dogs in my dogschool did get it and nearly died. She's doing better now though. What I don't really understand is why some dogs are more sensitive for infection. Is it bad luck, or are there dogs who simply are more likely to get tetanus. I wish to advice her on getting a vaccination for tetanus or not in the future since you normally don't vaccinate against tetanus.

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    All I know if that dogs and cats are much more resistant to the tetanus toxin than humans. I do not know whether the cause of that difference is known.

    If a dog has tetanus there is a possibility that the infection is especially severe or the dog has a mutation in one of the targets of the toxin which renders the dog more sensitive. This could be anything in the pathway which leads to the toxin to decreasing the level of inhibition in neurons.

    Since the disease is caused by a toxin and not the bacterium directly and the toxin is really potent in contrast to other diseases having tetanus does not necessarily provide immunity against the disease in the future, however the vaccination is against a harmless variation of the toxin, not the bacterium.

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  • 6 years ago

    Hmmmmm.......Please don't take this as an insult, but I personally don't think that you should advise anyone whether they should vaccinate their dog for this or not. You are studying to be a Vet Tech, but a licensed Veterinarian should be the one who should give out any advice on this subject, not you.

    When it comes to this subject, I personally don't think that luck has much to do with it. Just like humans, some dogs have weaker or stronger immune systems than others.

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  • 6 years ago

    Ask your professor or do your own research otherwise you'll never learn anything.

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