What race/ethnic group am I technically?

My parents are Israeli, born and raised in Israel. They moved to America and I was born in the US. I speak fluent English and Hebrew. I say I'm Israeli because of my parents although I'm born in America. I never know what to put down, if I should put down "white" because I'd consider myself as a kind of tan color and not exactly white. Also there's an option for two or more races, and I never know what to put down lol


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  • TNO
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    6 years ago

    Racially human, technically.....though I suppose that doesn't float society's boat.

    Race can be a difficult thing to define, since normally people would put "white" in your situation despite the fact that historically you couldn't use that term. It wasn't allowed for Jews (I'm making the assumption you are one, based on probability) to call themselves white until around the 60s, even if you were pale, and today many are ignorant of that and just simply put down white. Still, you could be as tan as an Arab, whose group is lobbying for their own and if you are Sephardi or Mizrahi, you wouldn't be any different in terms of skin tone most likely. They're told to put down white as well, though many check "other" and put Arab from what I'm told. Considering how different genetically many "ethnic Jews" are from people who are white, you could do the same...or just put white since you're probably thrown into that very, very broad category as well.

    Nationally you're American and Israeli, so I'd just say Israeli-American. You are entitled to citizenship in both.

    Ethnically.....I can't help you much. I'm making the assumption that you're a Jew (other Israelis of certain ethnicities would likely put down other languages besides Hebrew) but that could be anything from Ashkenazi to Sephardi to Mizrahi to a Mountain Jew to other groups as well. The tan skin tone doesn't help since all "white" Jews can have that skin tone....such as my Ashkenazi mother or my Mizrahi/Sephardi cousins. Ashkenazi Jews today are stereotyped as white but it wasn't too long ago that Europeans ostracized them and considered them too dark as well.

    So, you could say that you're an ethnic Jew, I guess (if you are Jewish) but you'd have to ask your parents if you don't know how to define yourself further. Given Israeli descent, it's likely you have a mix in there, and are something like Ashkenazi-Mizrahi or whatever.

  • 6 years ago

    I'm actually in the EXACT SAME BOAT AS YOU. Israeli, living in America. You're ethnically white but nationality wise, you're Israeli; at least, that's how I address myself.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You sound just like me, except my parents are from Pakistan.

    I usually just go by Asian-American racially, and nationally, I'm an American.

    I was never raised to live in Pakistani culture sadly, nor did I ever live in it beyond childhood, unlike how I'm used to da U.S.

    I presume you'd be white/Israeli in terms of racial groups, and American nationally.

  • I'm 100% Asian by blood, but I'm also American because of my citizenship status.

    My race? Multi-racial, half Vietnamese an half (eastern) Indian.

    I'd say, if your skin is that of Europeans, you are white.

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  • 6 years ago

    Israeli isn't white or black technically. ask a bible scholar they'll tell you the same thing. I geuss you are universal and proud of it.

  • Kotoko
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    6 years ago

    your race is caucasion.

    I'm mexican. We're technically amerindian/caucasion mixes but we're only referred as caucasion by the US government, I assume you're also caucasion...

  • .
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    6 years ago

    israeli ethnicity

    white race

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