Want to secede my land from the United States and become micronation?

I have a very large plot of land. I don't feel like paying taxes anymore, or abiding by u.s laws. I have the means to start a vineyard and small farm, and would like to be a nation unto myself with my own economy and laws. What process would I have to go through to make this happen?

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  • 6 years ago
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    You would need to rebel against the U.S. government, as secession is illegal (Texas v. White 1869). This would, no doubt, require substantial military aid.

    I would begin by reaching out to enemies of the United States, as they would be most likely to help you (Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.). You'll also need to find and train soldiers to fight for you. In order to find these people I would visit states that have highest secession sentiment. I'd recruit in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. You can probably work out deals for equipment and potentially troops from the aforementioned nations, although they would likely have to travel through the U.S. to get to your area -- I'm not sure they would make it.

    Of course, winning a rebellion is half the battle. What will you do for the thousands, potentially millions of people that fight for you? I hope your plot of land is large enough to allow them to legally immigrate to your new country, otherwise they may just turn on you.

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    First you'll need to pass an amendment to the US constitution which legalizes this and lays out the exact process by which this would happen.

    Good luck with that, I look forward to invading your country and deposing it's fascist regime, a process known as filibustering. Then I will petition for re-admittance to the US as a territory and ultimately the 51st state. Two senators, whoo hoo.

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    It's pretty difficult to do to avoid taxes. They probably would arrest you before they'd recognize you as a nation if your land is inside of the US. I'd recommend Googling this.

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    not happening. no legal way to do so.

    besides, you don't want to. you'd be a sitting duck for the first nacro gang that wanted to take over. and I doubt you'd survive that

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  • 6 years ago

    Cannot do it. Did you not hear of the "War between the States", when already legal Governments tried to reestablish their own sovereignty, were beaten into submission by the Federal Government.

  • 6 years ago

    You cannot do so.

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