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How Many Stamps do i need?

I'm about to send a letter (Valentine's Day letter) to the Philippines, how many stamps do i need?

I'm also going to send a letter to California, how many stamps do i need?

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    6 years ago
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    You will need different postage amounts for each of the letters you plan to send.

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) bases pricing of mail on size, weight, shape, destination, item valuation, and class of service selected. This is true whether the item is shipped from one United States city to another or to an international location.

    USPS will let you send a letter envelope to the international destination of the Philippines without a customs form. The dimensions of the envelope must not exceed a maximum length of 11-1/2 inches, maximum height of 6-1/8 inches, or maximum thickness of 1/4 inch for the first three ounces.

    USPS First-Class Mail International service will send a one ounce weight envelope for $1.15. The price increases as the weight goes up. Here are some of the actual prices to send a letter envelope to the Philippines and the number of standard Forever stamps required to cover the weight based postage rate. With a single USPS Forever stamp currently worth $0.49, just multiple the number of stamps required to match or exceed the international postage price listed for the weight being sent.

    international mailing 1 ounce - $1.15 (takes three Forever stamps)

    international mailing 2 ounces - $2.13 (takes five Forever stamps)

    international mailing 3 ounces - $3.12 (takes seven Forever stamps)


    USPS First-Class Mail service will send from one United States location to another a letter envelope of the same maximum dimensions mentioned above. A one ounce weight letter envelope will cost $0.49, the current price of a single Forever stamp. The postage cost increases as the weight goes up.

    mailing 1 ounce - $0.49 (one Forever stamp)

    mailing 2 ounces - $0.70 (two Forever stamps)

    mailing 3 ounces - $0.91 (two Forever stamps)

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    6 years ago

    One air mail stamp. As long as it's just a letter not more than 10 ounces.

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    6 years ago

    All your questions answered here:

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