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seeing my ex...?

Long story short I have a lady and I love her to death but my ex texted out of nowhere blah blah blah we end up meeting we said no touching but I couldn't help myself I end up kissing her and I feel hela bad I don't like or love her i just did it for some reason we're both in a relationship I don't want her or get back with her but dam what should I do I know ima meet up with her again is kissing cheating ? Any advice would be koo... I do love my lady and yeah I know your thinking if you love her why did you do it I guess I'm just stupid but idk need advice thanks

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    Your guilt will be your punishment. Live n learn. It sounds like your ex just wanted to stir the pot a bit anyway and confirm that she is still "desirable" to you even though you have a new lady. And that's nothing new. You fell into her trap and had a moment of weakness, and it pretty much went according to plan for her. She is feeling like a bowss while you feel like ****. Learn the lesson here, which is: don't **** where you eat. You'll just be left with a bad taste in your mouth. Now stop beating yourself up over it, and consider yourself blessed that it stopped when it did. But now you gotta be more understanding and tolerant of your lady's slipups, or risk being a hipocrit. And therein lies the true value of mistakes: they offer you a chance to grow as a person. Albeit, the hard way. But that's just the way it goes sometimes. Cest La Vie my brotha

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      Alrighty then thank you for your advice

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    You cheated...plain and simple

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      ****... I don't even feel good now karma is going to be a *****

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