How do I uninstall the "Clean Master" app from an android tablet?

Please read below for what I have tried and for more details.

More details:

- This app did not come with the tablet. I downloaded it from google play. The "Clean Master" app is not a preinstalled tablet, not bloatware.

- It's a digiland tablet.

What I've done that doesn't work

1.)On the tablet I went to settings. Tapped on apps. Tapped on the "Clean Master" app. There is an option to "force stop" and there is a button next to it that says "disabled." The "disabled" button is greyed out and I can't tap it. There is no uninstall option. I tapped "force stop," but it just activates by itself almost instantly.

2.) Opened up the "Google Play" app in the tablet. Tapped the menu icon. Went to "My Apps." Tapped on the "Clean Master" app. The only options were to open & update. No option to uninstall.

3.) I tried to delete it through the "Google Play" store online using a pc. There is no option for uninstall. I get is a green button that says "installed" and that's it.

4.) On the tablet I went to "settings" and then "security." Then I went to device administrator. There was no checkmark next to the "Clean Master" app. So it doesn't seem like a permissions issue.

5.) I did a Factory Reset. It reinstalled itself.

3 Answers

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