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'how russia became a permanent member of The United Nations Security Council instead of other states of USSR?'?

as I know. the former USSR was a member of UNSC.So after collapse of USSR. how world decided to choose "RUSSIA" (an state of USSR among others) as a permanent member? and also I want to know what was actually the role of Russia in USSR? did Russia actually indirectly or directly ruled USSR?. If every thing collapse thn how Russia became so much important instead of others states of USSR?

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    Because Russia had the succession after the Soviet Union. (Ukraine had also nuclear weapons on its territory.)

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    When the USSR ended in 1991 it was already announced that it's name would revert back to 'Russia'. Russia had been called Russia for hundreds of years before 1918 and only USSR (1918-1990). Even during WWII and during the Cold War (1948-1991) the USSR was commonly referred to as Russia instead of the more formal USSR.

    So 1991 was just a name and regime change for the same country. The fact it gave parts of itself up (1991-1999) as independent territories of others or autonomous states didn't matter as Russia (USSR) was always the intended member and signatory of the UN at the start in 1945.

    And...Yes....Russia ran the Soviet Union completely, as by far the biggest, all powerful state who through past history had conquered all the other so called Soviet states in war allowing them only fake token and ineffective power in the USSR. The USSR being a total Russian enterprise run from Russia's Moscow of in effect conquered places Russia had annexed and gave only token or no say to in the USSR.

  • Because Russia was the only one which retained the nuclear arsenal.

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