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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 5 years ago

68X Needs Questions answered please.?

Me n my wife just got married, she went back to AIT & found out she's going to north carolina after March. Heard there was mostly infantry units there. I see everybody else who is a 68X go to either Texas or Washington or any place that has a huge hospital. But her on the other hand like I said is going to NC with mostly infantry there. Which i dont think they took into consideration her marriage or her spouse (me) before they stationed her which we just got married 1 month before she knew where she was going. which my question is that is she going to be more than likely attached to an infantry unit? What is the deployment rate for infantry in NC? & what would be her duty if she was "on the field" with her infantry unit?

It doesn't make sense because she's telling me there is a possibility if she does deploy on the field she'd be firing a rifle right along side her infantry battles which is not her job??? Its to tend to her platoon mentally & make sure they're alright to fight mentally & physically. So if the army makes her do that then isn't that against her contract? Like what did she even go to AIT for if she's just gonna fight alongside with the infantry? Her MOS mind as well be infantry not 68X

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    She might well go to an infantry brigade, but she will not go to an infantry company. There are not 68X slots in infantry battalions or companies. If she doesn't go to a hospital or clinic, that means she's going to e Brigade Support Battalion, which is a unit with all kinds of supporting MOS's that help out the front line guys, like medics, cooks, mechanics, etc. If she goes to a BSB, while deployed or during filed training exercises, she will for the most part stay in the rear of the formation with the battalion level aid station. However, she will make battlefield rotations, which is where she travels with the BH doc to all the other units in the brigade (infantry, artillery, cavalry, engineers, etc) to see if their services are needed.

    Unless you are also active duty Army and enrolled int eh MACP, your marriage will NEVER be taken into consideration when giving her a duty station. SHE is in the military; you are not. The military only cares where she goes. They don't care about you.

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    • Living the Dream
      Lv 7
      5 years agoReport

      If you didn't get into MACP before her orders were cut, then the Army doesn't bother taking your marriage into account for co-location.

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  • Dom
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    5 years ago

    Shes a f*cking soldier, yes she is going to be carrying a gun.

    In her f*cking contract, and in her oath, she swore to defend the constitution, and obey orders.

    You think your wife is special because she has a husband? You think her life is worth any more than the other soldiers dying in Afghanistan? All soldiers are rifleman, we are called SOLDIERS for a reason.

    Your wife will be with infantry, but she is gonna be in Garrison for the next 4 years most likely anyways. She won't see combat.

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  • 5 years ago

    don't worry your lil ole Dependapotamus head about things you cannot understand

    just wait till your wife puts her pants on and tells you what it will be

    because this is the sillist question a dependent has ever ask

    • Baldrick
      Lv 7
      5 years agoReport

      Well it is the generation that got told that everything is about them....

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