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Why do the thousands of racist independent meteorologists around the world refuse to change their data to reflect a warm 2014 like Charles?


Bolden and Al Gore asked them to? All they had to do was take their testing meters from the accurate measuring spots and put them on tarmac where the temperatures are higher. Why do these racist meteorologists insist on using more accurate satellite readings when the cooked up ground readings give the result that Gore and Bolden are looking for? I am so sick of these racists!

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    Warmers are like the Flat Earthers.

    They ignore all facts that contradict their narrow view of the world.

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  • L.N.
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    5 years ago

    Why you ask? because most of their funding comes from the governments that will benefit from taxing carbon emissions. You don't risk your meal ticket, so the pressure is on to find the results that your benefactor wants.

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