Am i a doing the right stuff for my gf??

Ok so i am dating this wonderful girl for 8 months now (shes 24 i am 27).we are in love together and say it many times to eachother.we have nice dates,discussions etc but sometimes she makes me feel that i Am...not doing enough for she ignores i want to see if am treating her right??

So being in love w her for means i care for her too-and i do alot!-i always buy her favourite flowers (hide them & surprise her..she likes that!),i buy her small gifts here & then with some noce cards i write for her,always pick her up,open the door,give her my jacket/sweater when she needs it (done it countless times!!),take her wherever she wants,rides,games,always pay for ALL our dinners/drinks and whatever else we do,i helped her w her school situations (giving her advice),help her w moving to her new place,call her to see hows she doing (not to be control freak..i actually just want to know how her day was),tell her i doing sonething wrong?

sometimes she snaps on me for no reason and says mean things!i dont get it!i do all this not bec. I have to,but honestly i LOVE doing things for her (she is a sweet and smart person) but what i am not doing?missing something?...bec. I start to feel insecure that i am not a good enough...

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  • 5 years ago
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    If anything you are doing too much, and she is taking you for granted. She sees you as someone who provides.

    Why not have an open discussion asking her what she ants from the relationship, and at the same time tell hrt what you are looking for.

  • 5 years ago

    Simple, if you guys always have discussions then talk to her about it, confront her instead of asking what if? or why?

  • 5 years ago

    You should talk to her about this

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