How are Noah Wyle and Steven Weber friends?

I was watching an audio commentary of an episode of Falling Skies where the director says that they wanted a good, known actor to play a character and Noah Wyle personally called Steven Weber to ask and he said yes because they are good friends. I was just wondering if anyone knows how/why they are friends? I assume it has nothing to do with their TV or movie projects because I can't find anything they were in together--besides Falling Skies--or am I just not looking hard enough? I was just curious, because usually when you find two actors who are friends it's because of stuff they did together or their husbands or wives or whatever did stuff with them or some kind of connection like that and I can't find anything like that about Noah and Steven. Anybody know anything more?

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  • 6 years ago
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    They did some theater work together several years ago

    "Allison Janney, Noah Wyle and Neil Patrick Harris Among Stars to Appear at Ojai Gala

    By Ernio Hernandez

    28 Dec 2007

    Allison Janney, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Kaczmarek, Steven Weber, Mary McCormack, Charlayne Woodard and Noah Wyle will star in the Ojai Playwrights Conference's annual winter gala performance, Jan. 19. "

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