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Any of you have a similar story about learning computers?

I was in 1st grade our school just bought new pcs in 1998 , they were loud, big an annoying, the other kids took to the computer like a champs,

I however not knowing anything about the computer just sat at my desk looking at a black screen! Expecting for it to turn on by itself, this went on for about 3 months, i hated that ******* white box called a computer then one day my teacher finally walked by me an said tell me how far you have gotten in our class hmm? i shrugged my shoulders, IDK? She screamed at me IDK???? i started to cry an she asked me if i saved anything from the class on the computer? i took out my notebook an pencil an gave her a poor copy of each lesson, she sighed an asked me why i took notes in the notebook an not the computer, i told her the truth , i unlike my class mates had no idea what to do with it! She being a smart *** called my parents an asked them why i had not been exposed to the computer since according to her logic most people in 2000 had a home computer an new how to use it! My parents never owned a computer an told the teacher they never new i needed computer skills! She then told them they MUST buy a computer so my parents hung up the phone on her, she then ripped up all the pencil notes i took over the 3 months in class an when PTC happend she lied an said i doodled in class the hole time! My parents who saw my notes regularly did not buy what she was saying an i eventually was able to skip all computer classes for 2yrs, yay me

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    Yes. My uncle and cousin have got.

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