What kind of voice has Kian Egan? Baritone? Tenor?


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His voice is husky, I'm not sure if he is a baritone or tenor, and what kind of baritone or tenor is him?

I think that he is a tenor because his lows aren't heavy enough. Shane Filan's voice in low notes is deeper tan Kian's

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  • strife
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    6 years ago
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    Definitely a Lyric Tenor. He's not the usual "light bright" Lyric Tenor. His tessitura is a bit lower but he is definitely a Tenor. He has a weak middle, his voice disappears in the 3rd octave. His low notes aren't as audible below F3. There's a fortitude as he approaches F#4 and beyond. His timbre is warm to bright. His vocal weight is fair. He has a lower mid tessitura. Small vocal tract. He's a Lyric Tenor.

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