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So as the title suggests I live in america and my friend (also in america) is sending me a letter (I assume it's a wedding invitation as his sister is getting married and I'm told already I'm invited).

At present I live at my dad's house but I gave him my moms adress because even in my mid-20s my dad will open my mail.

I usually send packages to my moms no problem but I just want to be sure that regular mail will find me at my moms no problem.

So as long as they use my moms address correctly then I should get my mail, right?


Oh and I'm going to get my mail address permanently changed to my moms, but it won't be done before the invite arrives.

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    If the United States Postal Service (USPS) has previously delivered parcels addressed to you at your Mother's address, then the Postal carrier will also deliver other mail pieces to the same address.

    Regarding the plan to permanently change your mail address, consider not making any change to the current USPS arrangement, just start using your Mother's address and not the address where you reside. This seems to be what you already do in many cases, and would let you receive important mail pieces at one address and continue to have casual mail pieces arrive where you reside so your Father still has mail in your name to receive. It might keep his curiosity in check about where your mail is suddenly going.

    Just make the change address with each individual or business (financial institution, employer, etc.) you interact with now, and use your Mother's address going forward.

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    As long as the envelope has your mom's correct address on it, that's where it will go. Unless the mailman knows your family, and takes it upon himself to bring the invitation to your dad's house instead, you have nothing to worry about.

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    As long as there's not a change of address filed for you at your mother's address, it'll be delivered there.

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