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What do you think about the governments ufo files being opened now?

I was reading one report from a b-52 crew in the 60 s over the gulf of mexico, where they picked up an object three times the size of their bomber on their radar moving between 10 and 14 thousand mph. It was gone so fast, ground radar was only able to catch one blip because it s sweep took a full 12 seconds.


Project Blue Book Case File: /documents/1960s/1960-01-6968109-GulfOfMexico/

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    Its good of course.Military is seeing UFOs on a daily basis,so a lot of sightings will go public.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It's more about 50's and 60's UFO pop culture than any Aliens. I took a look around and saw a lot of silly amateur pictures of pot lids and maybe a painted Frisbee or two, but nothing that interesting.

    If you are interested in authentic phenomena, take a look at Richard Corliss' "Mysterious Universe" or some of his other books. Corliss complied all sorts of mysterious astronomical and meteorological phenomena from good observers, and they are very well done. It has everything from the Ashen Light of Venus to ball lightning and Sprites (only recently confirmed). The Ashen Light still isn't understood and every explanation that comes along seems to get shot down by better data.

    Did some of the more reliable observers in Project Blue Book see real phenomena? Sure, but I think it was optical in nature rather than anything proving or even remotely suggesting Aliens are visiting the Earth.

    Mostly I think there are some old timers who might see an article about that pie plate they took pictures of back in the 50's and got some publicity claiming it was a UFO- look up Wall Township NJ, the Robert Salvo file for a perfect example. If he's still around, he's some old guy puttering around a retirement home, probably forgot all about it.

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    There are about 195 different governments on Earth.

    Which one's files will be opened now?

    Do you really think that all 195 keep the same secrets?

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    I guess those files are open, since you read it. Any files still closed are about secret weapons programs we still don't want foreign powers to know too much about. There is no secret data on aliens and never has been. Accept it, because it is true.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I doubt any object that fast would be able to be seen on an aircraft radar.

    So, you "read" this where?

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