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Alice Lavinia?

I'm having a girl and naming her after my great-grandmother, Alice, and Lavinia after her (old Alice) granmother but I'm not 100% in love with it... any suggestions? I prefer old fashioned names as opposed to popular modern ones.

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    Love Alice! Very vintage\classic & ageless a timeless, short, simple & sweet. It's cute yet mature as well 😊its definitely a name potential for my future daughter. Gaurenteed

    Lavinia i'm not crazy with but the combo of Alice Lavinia does flow

    Keep Alice. That names a keeper


    Alice Caroline (LOVE...)

    Alice Desiree\Desirae

    Alice Jennifer

    Alice Willamina\Willemina\Wilhelmina

    Alice Christine

    Alice Georgine

    Alice Veronica

    Alice Terese\Teresa

    Alice Caroline

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    6 years ago

    I LOVE Alice Lavinia. Lavinia is a beautiful name, and not at all common or overused.

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    Alice Emilia is really pretty or have Alice as a middle name.

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    dont care for Lavinia

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    I love both names!

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