How to cite a self-published book in MLA style of citation?

whom to consider the publisher and publishing place?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    For your purposes, yeah, place of publication is probably unnecessary; the abbreviation "n.p." (no place) is often used in citations.

    And @Steven is right that these days place of publication is OFTEN not useful, but I can think of situations where it might be. If you're citing REALLY old, limited-issue sources, "place" could be useful if you are having a hard time finding a copy; or for other reasons. Today, though, it could still be useful; one might give different amounts of credence to two sources cited as (Seoul: Korean Publishing Co.) and (Pyongyang: Korean Publishing Co.)

  • 6 years ago

    It depends what the guidelines mean when they say "publisher". If you can find the book for sale on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, that will usually have something next to the word "publisher", and you could probably just use that. Some authors set up a company or other legal entity to act as their publisher, either for tax reasons or to overcome any lingering stigma associated with self-publishing. Or you could give the publisher as "self-published" or "author" or the name of the author.

    Place of publication... no idea. I'm not convinced it's meaningful nowadays.

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