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How to convince my mom into letting me switch to online public school?

I'm 14, in the 8th grade. & I absolutely hate my school with a burning passion. It's extremely hard to get up in the morning, (most likely due to my depression & anxiety) I come home from school in the worst mood every time, it's really tooken over my social life, I spend way too much time on homework & studying, & worst of all, I cut or overdose when I'm too stressed over it. That's not all, I don't even talk to the majority of my friends anymore. These days people talk about me behind my back. I tried convincing my mom several times. I do get scared to say anything because I guess I already know her answer. "NO, you won't get a legit education. It's not valid!" But I won't give up. It's all I ask her for. A better education. My birthday's coming up next Tuesday, think that'll help? 😒

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  • 5 years ago
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    Start by having an open and honest talk with your mom. You need to get help for your depression and destructive behavior. Going to online school is not a fix for these issues and it would be VERY unwise and unsafe for you to be home alone with no structure if you are not getting help. You need to have ongoing counseling/therapy. You may need to be tested for learning challenges if school is harder than it should be for you. You may need tutoring. You need support and understanding.

    Kids who are motivated do well in online school. Kids who are not motivated fall behind and fail.

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    • Yetzi5 years agoReport

      Oh & I'm on the verge of getting kicked out due to my absences. Since there are no other schools near, I plan on turning to online public school. I do plan on doing my very best on this.

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  • Biff
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    5 years ago

    unless a parent is there to make out your school plan and review your work, you have no chance of getting in

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