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Would you like to play smart guy trivia?


This player was NOT a smart guy!

This player was a 2 time All Star and the 1989 NL MVP!

With good buddy Dwight Gooden over at his house, this player cut off the head of his girlfriend's cat!

This player is rumored to eat Vix Vapor rub, which probably led to his Missing some time because he strained a muscle while vomiting!

This player was arrested in August of 1999 for felony battery after hitting his own father during a dispute. It gets better... The dispute took place because this player was

Update 2:

trying to evict his own father from a house he was renting him. Apparently daddy was a bit behind on the payments!

In 1990, he was four days late to spring training because he got injured eating a microwaved donut, requiring root canal work!

Update 3:

What former MLB scum bag is this?

Update 4:

You win smart guy trivia!

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    That was Mr. Congeniality, Kevin Mitchell.

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