<ost of the kids today do not understand how critical unuions are with respect to our standard of living.?

Maybe they aren't as strong as they used to be but their ground rules are still in action today except for some sweat shops.

In 1983 my father worked for Dane County Dairy at the time it was a union shop. The drivers all were members of Teamsters Local 695. My Dad worked for the dairy for close to thirty years at that point of his life. If you went to school in Madison, Wisconsin during the seventies and early eighties you may have seen my Dad everyday. During the school year he delivered milk to every school in the Madison Metropolitan School District as well as every parochial school in town. It was hard work and it was hard on my father's health.

When I was a Sophomore in high school my Dad arrived at work to find that his wages had been cut from $12.00 an hour (a pretty good sum back then) to $8.00 an hour. His vacation time was cut from five weeks to two weeks. The men who worked at the dairy were told if they went on strike they would lose their jobs. His boss, Duane Bowman Jr was emboldened by President Reagan firing all of the Air Traffic Controllers two years earlier. Shortly thereafter my Dad had a heart attack. While in a hospital bed recovering he received a registered letter from his boss stating that he had to come back to work tomorrow or lose his job. The union stepped in and prevented my Dad's employer from doing anything over my Dad's illness.

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    There are plenty of individual stories like your Dad's about unions helping people. But the big picture is that unions were formed back when work sites were dangerous and grossly unfair, and they were a great thing. But over the course of time, agencies like the Dept of Labor and OSHA have been created to ensure acceptable levels of safety and fair labor practices for all workers, union or not.

    Unions are no longer needed for those functions. The modern impact of unions is to force employers to pay higher and higher wages and benefits, which drives jobs overseas. Just ask around Detroit how many former union workers are now unemployed.

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    Yeah, that's what they want you to think. Unions aren't necessary. BS They kill the last of them and it will be like the gilded years, shooting people, firing them for no reason, dangerous work, dropping pay & benefits. The Unions got a bad rap since the 70's, power went to everyone's head. But the real need for them is still there. I don't believe OSHA is necessary as long as there are unions.

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