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Anonymous asked in SportsCycling · 6 years ago

Bike recommendation. Norco VFR 4, INDIE4 A and Specialized Sirrus.?

I am a student at UC Davis. Right now I am riding a "mountain bike"which I bought on craigslist with 60. This bike has brought me so many troubles. I have tried to fixed by myself several times and had it tuned up for another 60 dollars, but still it does not provide a stable and fast ride. I feel the parts on the bike are loose again and I just want to replace it with a new nice-quality bike to get rid of the constant headache. My budget is around 500 dollars, so please do not recommend a bike with 1000-dollar price tag. My primary use is commuting from my apartment to school which is about 6 miles round-trip. Since I am investing 500 dollars on bike, I want to do a little bit more than just commuting with the bike such as casual tour and light fitness purpose. I did a little bit research but I cannot decide between Norco VFR 4, INDIE4 A and Specialized Sirrus. Therefore, I am here for the suggestion on how to choose among them or other recommendations of bikes within my budget. Thank you for your help!

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  • David
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    6 years ago
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    Indie 4 would be my first choice.

    It has both a cassette rear wheel (as opposed to the freewheel rear of the VFR) and disc brakes. (as opposed to both VFR 4 and Sirrus).

    Add fenders, rack lights and reflectors and you'll have a perfectly decent all-weather commuter.

    Not that disc brakes are absolutely mandatory, but they sure can be real nice.

    The only thing I'd like to change w/o a test ride would be the cassette.

    But that can wait until you need to replace it due to wear. Doesn't sound like you'd need a 32 big for your type of riding. And tight ratios can be nice when humming along on a fairly flat route.

    2nd option would be the Sirrus. It has a better rear wheel than the VFR4, although no disc brakes.

  • 6 years ago

    You may be looking at this the wrong way. Instead of buying your bike according to a specification sheet, you should be looking for the best shop to deal with. Yes there are details to think about, but it is very important to buy from someone who takes the time and who puts in the effort to help you find the best bike for you. You can look at a spec sheet for hours, but until you have actually ridden the bike in question you will have no idea what it will feel like to ride it. There are plenty bikes out there similar to the ones on your list, so limiting yourself to those three may eliminate something else that would work better and it could also eliminate a shop that could do the best job for you. In a given price range, you will find similar quality and features, but consider that a bike assembled and set up by a really good mechanic will be better than a bike assembled and set up by someone who doesn't do as good a job. The best bike out there won't be any good if the frame geometry and fit don't suit you.

  • 6 years ago

    Take them all out for extensive test rides! The one that rides & feels the best --- buy it. And which EXACT Specialized Sirrus? They make TEN of them.

    But even the basic model ( ) would be a good buy.

    What I would also go look at it is a Giant Escape 2 for a few bucks LESS & comparable specs.

    Want or need a true "commuter bike"? Look at a Giant Escape City complete with a rear rack & fenders.

    The SRAM Via shifters & derailleurs reportedly hold up better compared to Shimano on the other model.

    Why fenders? As Bike Snob NYC so clearly stated.... Well - see photo.

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