Hello At home I have focal 705 v & jbl ES 90 speakers but unfortunately their bass driver dont work now ...?

I believe this happened because of my faulty HK 980 amplifier s speaker one left output ... first jbl es 90 speaker had this problem NO BASS ... bass is dying when I use 2 speaker ON at same time I dont listen at high volume any way these speakers handle more than 80 watt there is no visual disturbance I hope there is a chance for these speakers (repair ) maybe they are entry level speakers but they are important for me I wont connect anything to speaker 1 output on my harman kardon HK 980 amp. Thanks to you

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  • sabala
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    4 years ago

    Focal 705

  • 6 years ago

    Speakers can be repaired if you know what is wrong (if anything) with them. That cannot be evaluated sight unseen , simply by saying "Gee they don't work " at someone however. Also, the problem might be in the wiring, the amplifier, or preamp. or a power supply capacitor, or a burnt out crossover component. Have the problem evaluated by someone who can evaluate the issue hands on, obviously.

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