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I was in a car accident and need advice this question might be hard to answer. If your a lawyer or an attorney that would be a lot of help.?

I was involved in a car accident in my girlfriends car and I hurt my back I was a passenger in the car with my seat belt on. we were going about 15 mph and the guy in front of us slammed on his brakes and we rear ended him. I was on my gf's policy as well and we were fully covered by "USAA". My back has been hurting since and the insurance company called me and talked about the injury a bit then asked me if I was going to pursue a bodily injury claim against the policy. I said yes. I told my gf I want to get a lawyer and she got mad and told me that i would be suing her. I am so confused and dont want to get screwed over or hurt her what can I do? Help please.

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    She caused the accident. If she was not following too closely, she would have not hit the guy in front of her. She is responsible for that. You are entitled to money damages. File a claim with her insurance company and sue her too. She needs to be held accountable. You are entitled to compensation. If she is going to be an *ss about it, break up with her. This is not the type of woman you should want to be in a relationship with. Besides, she is a bad driver.

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      Thank you for your feedback. So if I get a lawyer would they sue her or the insurance company or both?

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    Her premiums are going to skyrocket anyway or cancelled. In addition you better make damn sure the two of you are not accused of fraud and duplicity in the claim.

    No one here can tell you what to do.

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