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Does The Humane Society Euthanize Animals?

Recently the thought of adopting a dog has been on my mind. I have always been self aware about what goes on in shelters, (euthanasia and etc), however one question has been on my mind. Does the Humane Society euthanize their animals if they do not get adopted out?

Reason being is because I personally feel the rather choice of adopting out a dog whom is in a shelter that has a ''time limit'' on how long they keep their dogs. (I have personally felt that the HS would at least keep their animals for a lengthier time, however does anyone know their policies?)

I have in fact heard of the ''no kill'' policy in some shelters, but like I said before, I rather rescue a dog in need of a home who in unfortunately running out of time


I in fact live in San Diego. If it is no trouble, are there any places you would recommend looking into? I've only heard of Gaines Campus and North County so far, as well as NKLA (no kill LA) and Best Friend's and Animals up in the LA area

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    I adopted the best pet I ever had in my life from a Humane Society shelter. I believe they keep them available for adoption for two weeks or less. My guy was literally down to his last hours of life; we didn't get to the shelter until just before closing on Saturday, and if he hadn't been adopted, was scheduled for euthanasia the following Monday. I'm talking about a two year old eight pound cat who we were lucky enough to have for eighteen years. He was the smartest cat I've ever seen, manipulative as all hell, and again, so smart that there were times I expected him to talk.

    Euthanasia rate for animals in Humane Society shelters: 71%

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    There are kill shelters and no-kill shelters, but usually a Humane Society wouldn't euthanize their animals. The new ones, to my understanding, are first put near the front in their own cages or with other "brothers and sisters" they came with. Then, if no one adopts them after waiting a couple of weeks, they are put in the back in their kennels with the other animals. Once the place is full, I think the people there give them to other shelters or a nearby Humane Society, but that's just what I heard. I think you should call and ask the Humane Society about this matter. Good luck!

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    The San Diego Humane Society & SPCA euthanizes animals only for medical or behavioral reasons, not because they are out of space or after a particular amount of time.

    Different "Humane Society" shelters are all unaffiliated with each other. They each have their own policies.

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    Almost no humane society will admit if they are a kill shelter. In my home town our humane society claims to be a no kill shelter but I have a friend that works there and tells me differently.

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