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mam asked in TravelAsia PacificJapan · 6 years ago

tokyo vs kyoto?

either late this year or early next year im planning on moving to japan for school etc but i was wondering on where would be a nicer? place to live

i know tokyo can be very expensive to rent or buy a house/apartment there but is it the same for kyoto?

what, for a 2LDK apartment is the general monthly rate for both cities

and also where/why would be a nicer place to live- people, cost and environment wise?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Look at the rates of 2LDK in Tokyo and Kyoto below.

    万 in above sites means x10,000. So 5万 means 50,000yen, about $400/month.

    The rental prices of Tokyo are 2 to 3 times of those of Kyoto.

    I had grew up in Tokyo and now live in Kyoto. Both are attractive but quite different. If you want to experience the modern aspects of Japan, Tokyo is better. If you are interested in traditional Japanese culture( of ancient nobles, not that of Samurai ), Kyoto is better.

    The proportion of students of Kyoto is much higher than that of Tokyo.

    Most Tokyo people speak standard Japanese and a few speak Edokko-ben, traditional local language of Edo. Most native Kyoto people speak Kyo-kotoba, local language. Although they can understand standard Japanese, you should not expect them to speak in standard Japanese.

    Foods are quite different but the prices of them are quite high in both cities compared to nation-wide average price.

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  • 6 years ago

    Well, if you are planning to move there this year or early next year, then you've already applied to school and perhaps been accepted. School starts (usually) in April, you know. So the logical thing is to move to the place you are going to school.

    Otherwise, both Kyoto and Tokyo have their good points and bad points, and as for people? Total lottery -- you'll run into mean people and good people in both places.

    I get the feeling that Kyoto is slightly cheaper, but it is not cheap. Both are major urban areas, and Kyoto has a lot of history to support and keep up.

    Tokyo-ites speak standard Japanese, and Kyoto is said to have a lovely burr, a very elegant accent that isn't standard Japanese.

    Go to Kyoto if you like history, go to Tokyo if you like the modern world. You'll find both in both places, but more in one place or the other.

    And, as a student, why are you looking into a 2LDK? Are you bringing your family? Most students economize by renting one room (very small) with a little kitchen and tiny bath. Most people don't entertain at home, but go to cafes or restaurants or karaoke booths. You'll need to have enough room to study and to sleep and to hang up your laundry. Look for a place with easy connections to your school.

    In fact, your school should be helping you with living arrangements. Many of the better schools have good connections with landlords and can help you find a place to live.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • ?
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    6 years ago

    kyoto is probably more expensive due to far less places available. Tokyo is only expensive in the centre of which virtually nobody actually lives.

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