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which one is better for Gumbo?

I've never made gumbo before and i wanna give it a try. which one do you guys recommend?

this one:

or this one :

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    The better recipe is Carolyn's Gumbo video because it is much easier to learn by seeing, but you still need her recipe since measurements are not given I the video. Try her website link for the actual recipe..

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  • CB
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    5 years ago

    Because I am not going to watch the video - I would go with the allrecipe gumbo - it is highly rated. I usually use this recipe when I make gumbo (another highly rated recipe).

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  • SuZQ
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    5 years ago

    close your eyes, point to the recipe you will cook this weekend and do the other one next weekend! Then you will be able to compare the 2 recipes. There are as many soup/stew recipes as there are cooks who specialize in that type! Thousands!! We tweek each recipe as we become familiar with it and the culture it represents.

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