I have postcards I want to mail from united states to china. What is cost? And which stamps should I buy?

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    The United States Postal Service (USPS) will let you send a postcard or an envelope to the international destination of China without a customs form.


    The dimensions of the postcard must not exceed a maximum length of 6 inches or maximum height of 4-1/4 inches. The dimensions of the envelope must not exceed a maximum length of 11-1/2 inches, maximum height of 6-1/8 inches, or maximum thickness of 1/4 inch. USPS First-Class Mail International service will send a postcard or a one ounce weight envelope for $1.15. For the letter envelope, the price increases as the weight goes up. Here are some of the actual prices to send a postcard or a letter envelope to China and the number of standard Forever stamps required to cover the weight based postage rate.

    mailing 1 ounce - $1.15 (takes three Forever stamps)

    mailing 2 ounces - $2.13 (takes five Forever stamps)

    mailing 3 ounces - $3.12 (takes seven Forever stamps)

    For the postcard being sent, you can purchase from USPS an international rate Forever stamp, called 'Global: Sea Surface Temperatures', which is valued at $1.15 per stamp. If you can get to a local Post Office branch, and you are sending a letter, the Postal clerk can weigh the envelope and apply the exact postage amount, saving you a little bit.



    Use the USPS Calculation page link below to determine the delivery date for mail pieces being sent, and the exact postage for the weight and size parcel you are mailing. Enter the destination, select using a letter or package for mailing, enter the weight, and get the required postage amounts and delivery date.


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    You'll have to go to your local post office and buy enough international stamps to mail the item. The clerk will answer your questions.

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