Does anyone out there love K-Pop?

Ok. So, I recently found out about K-Pop like 5-7 months ago. I became obsessed with it and wondered if anyone else became obsessed with it. I am really into BTS, B.A.P, BtoB, Got7, Vixx, etc. I am also into SoShi, 2ne1, A-Pink, Sistar, F(x), etc. I watch a lot of shows where K-Pop idols appear. Such as: Running Man, Hello Baby, Rookie King, Weekly Idol, Hello Counselor, and many more. I am ALWAYS watching K-Pop videos. They are either K-Pop mash-ups, K-Pop videos, K-Pop shows, K-Pop dramas, and more. Is there anyone else like me? I have always wanted to have a chat/talk with a K-Pop fan. I only have one friend that listens to K-pop, but she's not really into it. She only likes some songs. I'd like to meet someone who is kinda luke me and feels the same way about K-Pop as me. Am I the only K-Pop fan that feels like this? :(

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  • 6 years ago
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    Hii~ I've been K-Pop fan for 3 years now, and I'm still obsessed. Your definitely not the only k-pop fan that feel like that.Well first off, the internet is full of K-Pop fans. Just search Facebook pages or groups, Instagram fanpages, or k-pop forums (Soompi's and Allkpop's forums are pretty popular and include everything hallyu), and you'll eventually come across some other fan who loves the same groups as you. The other option is to get your other friends in to k-pop or k-dramas, which is what I have done a few times by bothering my friends with my fangirling too often haha. Make them watch a k-drama series, or specific variety show episode that you feel like they might enjoy.

    Or feel free to chat with me xD From what you listed, BAP, 2ne1, and VIXX are my top groups, and I watch lots of variety shows as well.

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