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Can the government cancel your citizenship?

Im received my Canadian citizenship about 7 years ago. I have not traveled to Canada in about 4-5 years (but i travel yearly on vacation). One day I was going to the bank and the clerk asked for my passport, the man also had a Canadian passport and we kept talking on and on until he told me that due to him being outside of Canada for a long time they didn't allow him to travel back there. Now I know this may not be a default issue related to everyone and could be due to personal issues the man has but I want to know that if you've not gone to Canada for a long time then is there any law that cancels your citizenship or something like that?

Thank you.

Links to where I can read about this are EXTREMELY APPRECIATED.

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  • bw022
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    6 years ago
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    Yes, the government can revoke your citizenship in two specific cases.

    a) You committed fraud in obtaining your citizenship, or

    b) You have dual citizenship and are convicted of joining a terrorist organization or committing a human rights violation.

    There is no residency requirement once you have Canadian citizenship. If you are a permanent resident, you must remain living in Canada for a minimum of two out of every five years in order to renew your permanent residency status. Certain classes may also have specific residency requirements -- Quebec skilled workers must remain within Quebec, spousal sponsorships must live with their spouse for two years, provincial nominees may be require to remain within the province, investors have to run their business, etc. They can make exceptions if you were a minor or if you submit proof (beforehand) of a hardship or emergency requiring you to remain outside the country. Adults must also remit income tax returns. In order to apply for citizenship... you must have lived within Canada for a minimum of four of the past six years.

    None of this applies once you have citizenship. You are free to remain outside of Canada as long as you wish. Defeats the purpose of becoming a Canadian, but all citizens have the right to leave Canada and return at any time.

  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Unless a person has committed fraud in getting their citizenship and/or they commit an offense which harms or could harm that country such as acts of terrorism ( and they have another citizenship) no

    The UK has removed British citizenship from several individuals who have gone overseas to fight for terrorist organisations, the British doesn't want terrorists in their country or to encourage other acts of terrorism by these people or others, such as the recent British muslims who beheaded innocent journalists and volunteers in Syria

  • 6 years ago

    Yes, there are several instances that you can lose your citizenship.

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