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what do you picture (apperance wise) when you think these names?



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    5 years ago
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    Amber- A high maintenance woman, so she'd be physically fit, long legs, manicured nails, severe green eyes and straight blonde hair with highlights, at least shoulder length.

    Jason- A physically powerful guy, built like a linebacker, dark eyes, stern features, black cropped hair, slightly spiky and tousled.

    Chris- Fairly average guy, normal height, thin, but not geekishly so. He'd be lean and a bit muscled. Light eyes, and short sandy hair with razored layers and bangs that fall across his eyes.

    Rea- Thin girl with moderate curves, petite, wavy brunette hair that cascades down her shoulders, and big brown eyes, fair skin.

    Katerina- Athletic body build, tanned, strong runner's legs, straight light ash blonde hair with minimal wave, baby blue eyes.

    Mason- Gawkish guy. Gangly, with little to no muscle. Kind brown eyes. Mid-length brown hair.

    Erik- Crew cut. black hair. Grey blue eyes, sharp features. Muscular, broad shoulders with a lean swimmer's build.

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    Amber - the hot girl that I dated in high school. The ***** dumped me. That *****!

    Jason - an Argonaut

    Chris - Satan's gay lover on Southpark

    Rea - The crazy divorced but still hot girl that lives down the street

    Katerina - Foreign chick with brown hair

    Mason - A brick layer, or a judge

    Erik - Someone that should be named Eric, but the parents were drunk and decided to deliberately misspell it and put a k on the end instead of a c.

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    5 years ago

    Amber: Quite a tall, strong girl with soulfull brown eyes.

    Jason: Nerdy skinny guy with glasses

    Chris: fair haired, muscular smiley guy with somewhat round face

    Rea: girl with trendy short haircut, skinny

    Katrina: short girl with long loose curls, bleach blond hair, not very pretty face kind of horsey

    Mason: someone almost fat, or fat

    Erik: dark unruly hair, good looking but looks friendly

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    5 years ago

    what color hair,eyes do you picture?

    How tall?

    Make up caked or not?


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  • 5 years ago

    The kids from 6teen.

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  • 5 years ago

    Cool normal people.

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