Johnny Bench asked in SportsBaseball · 6 years ago

After someone came up with the idea of relocating the Yankees to Albuquerque, shouldn't they rather be relocated to Iqaluit, Canada?

Unlike Albuquerque, Iqaluit is the capital of something that would be called a state in the U.S.

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  • 6 years ago

    Well, no; Nunavut is a Canadian "territory," not a province, and would most likely be considered a "territory" if part of the US, as well. With only about 15,000 people in a gigantic area, it would probably not meet the population/organization requirements for statehood.

    BUT, Iqaluit is about as far from another MLB team as you can get while staying in the US/Canada, so by the logic of placing teams by land area and not population, it would be a great candidate for a team. Well, and Hawaii, and Unalaska, Alaska.

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