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How long do windows updates take?

I'm leaving it on overnight. Basically I just downloaded a years worth of updates for windows 7 which was pretty fast, but I know installing is a whole different story. Does anyone have an idea? I just shut it down and it says it has about 125 updates to install....

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  • Jamey
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    5 years ago
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    Overnight should do it. That's a lot of updates. Make sure your wifi doesn't fail or you will have to start again.

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  • 5 years ago

    This week my cpu died and I had to have installed a new one and also a new motherboard as the connectors between those two components are different these days.

    This meant reinstalling Windows 7 sp1.

    As a result there were 191 Windows 7 sp1 updates to download and install on the first day alone.

    They downloaded pretty quickly and installed in a few hours, so about a minute per update.

    Some failed, but installed ok at the next attempt.

    Over the next few days more were offered and got downloaded and installed.

    During this updating process there are various system restore points automatically created and your pc will be restarted occasionally to properly get them to install whilst no programs are actually running.

    If you have a reasonably up to date pc, fastish and with plenty of ram then it won`t take more than a few hours, just make sure that the pc is powered up for the whole time or you may get problems.

    Also, there are security updates for programs other than Windows running on your pc, so to update them download Secunia PSI which is free and will tell you what programs are out of date and how to safely update them, usually automatically;

    Regards, Bob.

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  • Jim P
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    5 years ago

    !25 updates is a LOT of updates.

    As already suggested, downloading them overnight, is probably the SMARTEST idea.

    I wouldn't even attempt a wild 'guess' at long this will take.

    In future, I would turn on Automatic Updates, via Control Panel/Windows Update.

    You're very, very lucky you've not had System issues/problems in the last year,

    due to your failure to update more frequently!!

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  • 5 years ago

    Its based on what kind of updates and your computer specs. Dont update your language thingy because its not too useful. Just upgrade the security like firewall or bug fixes i have ever updated it and it takes like 1-2 hour

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  • 5 years ago

    It could easily take 6 or more hours before reboot and about that after reboot.

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  • Depends what you are updating and how good your internet speed is.

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