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My dad hit me?

Me and my dad were having a small fight but it escalated suddenly and he started yelling really loudly at me and he was really intimidating me. I was really angry and stupidly through my glass of water and it ended up hitting the glass table (not on purpose) and cracking it. He got into a rage and belted me and across my head and hit me in the back leaving me with a bright red handprint that still has not faded an hour and a half later. I feel really down now and I'm really upset that he hit me but I feel like its all my fault and I deserved it for doing something stupid. But now I'm really scared of him and I'm not sure what to do. I'm staying with him because I'm on break and I usually live with my Mum. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, when I was a lot younger we got in a fight and he growled at me and held up a knife but didn't do anything with it, just threatened me I guess. I'm just scared and I don't know what to do...

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    oh god... I'm really sorry :( My dad once hit me too and my whole mouth was covered in blood and he didn't even give a ****. I know how it feels to have your dad hit you ;(

    Anyway, this to me sounds like abuse. I think you should definitely report him. If your old enough like 18, you should move out the house or call the police on him. If your underage, then go back with your mom or call child services and tell him what he did to you. The scar on you will be proof that he abused you.

    I'm really sorry for that incident :( I hope that everything goes better for you.

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    Alex, are you scared to stay there tonight? If you are, you need to contact your mother and end the visitation. It sounds like your Dad has an anger management problem. You shouldn't have thrown the glass of water. It could have it him and broken causing injury.

    If you can not call her, e-mail a close friend and have them call her to call you.

    Edit: I do not want to blame you for the incident. It sounded like he was out of control before you threw the glass. The cracked glass just put him over the edge. I just wanted to say throwing the glass was a dangerous thing to do.

    Get in touch with your Mom tonight or tomorrow.

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    Whacking your behind is acceptable. Beating you on the head and back is physical abuse - no matter what your gender. Pulling a knife on you tells me that he should never have unsupervised visitation with you. He is unstable and endangering you. Report him to your mother and call child protective services on him (if you are in the US) or similar if in the UK.

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    You need to tell your mother what has been going on, and tell her you do not want to go to your dad's anymore. If he has that much of a temper, he is really dangerous.

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  • 6 years ago

    go back to your mom's , you dont need to stay with someone abusive and tell your mom whats going on

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    that sounds like abuse my friend... why does your mom let you go to your dads? or why havent u told her? if you dont like it at your dads house... you need to say something... one day it could get worse

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    If your a guy, grow a pair and toughen up freaking pansie, if your a girl get away from him and report it.

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    dood y u do dis

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