Good last name for Sterling?

He is a jock and kind of a jerk in my story but he needs a last name nonetheless. He is a white male.

Thanks for your help :)

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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    Mitchell. It's masculating and rolls off the tongue

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  • 5 years ago


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  • Marli
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Good one, Michael!

    I want to try a "Caledon Hockley" - James Cameron putting two Ontario townships together. Love that name! Actually you might like either "Caledon" or "Hockley" as a last name. How pretentious sounding do you want your character's name. There's "Gainsborough" or "Glanbrook /Glenbrook" or "Grantham" [no, I guess the Downton Abbey writers would not like that. Pity. I've always liked it.], "Clinton" or "Louth" or "Carleton" or "Ranleigh" or "Raleigh" or "Dundas" or "Barton" [I think Lieut-Governor Simcoe liked aristocratic names. He used so many of them.]

    If you don't like them, pick a province or state [the eastern seaboard provinces and states are best for la-de-da names, IMO, but the middle states have some good ones. "Cleveland" "Des Moines"] and look at a detailed map showing townships and counties.

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