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Holy crap, Tim Allen's got a huge nose. No wonder Taran felt awkward around him. He's a creepy dad to the kids. Always cracking jokes.?


I liked Home Improvement scenes with Randy, Mark & Jill. Tim doesn't even look related to Mark. His nose is huge. I skip past the boring parts.

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    Tim Allen is one of my very favorite stars. In Home Improvement, he was the kind hearted but clueless father.

    I like him even better in Last Man Standing. He's smart and his show actually portrays a Conservative and not make him looking like a freaking idiot. Better yet, they actually have smart little debates on politics sometimes without making either side look like idiots.

    And he's gutsy enough to tackle racism head on with his interactions with his neighbor Larabie, giving as good as he gets.

    Plus he's had several good movies that I liked too.

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    OK,how big was Wilson's nose?

  • 6 years ago

    I've never noticed.

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    It used to be much smaller, but then he became real successful and it grew!

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