Do you believe Graham Hancock met mother nature in his Ayahuasca trance and was told smoking weed is dangerous for his soul.Was She an angel?

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    5 years ago
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    There are things we do not understand. There are angels. There are elementals on other planes of existence. Sometimes it is like dialing a random number on your phone. Not everyone who has a phone is a reputable person you want to trust your life's direction to.

    It is the same with the dead. Some of them are still liars and stupid. Being dead doesn't always mean you suddenly became the sharpest pencil in the box.

    This may have been a personal revelation to Graham about weed.

    It may be something to do with a future event. He goes to buy it and is accidentally the victim of a personal assault.

    I also do not believe every being tells the truth. Satan is the deceiver of the brethren. This makes all of this supernatural stuff just terribly confusing and you have to remember to pay for your car insurance and wash your dishes. It was a spiritual entity. If they want you to kill people, they should be ignored. That has to be solid if you are going to channel or call up spirits or angels.

    No crazy behavior is ever to be tolerated. A lot of mystics say marijuana is the left hand path. I do not think doing things in a moderate way is horrible for you. I think it can make you lazy and stunt your growth. I have had the misfortune of being acquainted with many kinds of life long stoners. All of my brothers remained in this state for their lifetimes. Synthetic seems far worse for some people. I am concerned about the use of recreational drugs to control people like soma but drugs for depression are used in the same way and often have terrible side effects.

    The majority of mystics are against the idea of smoking weed . I mean from differing traditions. I use this against my ascended masterful hubby. Some say this opens you to demonic influences.


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  • 5 years ago

    Isnt that the guy who made the constituton i didnt know he was a priest wow bark Weed isnt dangerous bbtw i did like seven weeds last nite so..

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